Committee Members

Secretary President Vice-President Treasurer
Henry Heng Philip Wong Dr. Adewale Osinaike Stephen Anthony
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M: 0400 519 023 0407 995 207 0438 912 556 0402 785 524
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Membership Officer Prayer Coordinator Publications Officer Webmaster
Michael Munro Michael Oliver Rob Eacott Gary Green
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M: 0451 377 882 0431 948 729 0488 007 344 0424 487 783
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  1. Hello Gary, Thank you for investing part of your life – which is your time – into upgrading and maintaining FGBA Perth South Gate’s web site. Believe me those with your God given abilities are not as common as frequently believed and to quote from this site; “We need you”! Thank you brother.
    Gary FGBA Perth South Gate have produced a double sided A4 brouchure explaining who Full Gospel Business Australia are, how we came into being, our vision concerning the building of God’s Kindgom on earth. How we do this and, other information that gives the reader tantalising reasons into why they should prayerfully consider partnering with God and FGBA. Would it be possible to post this publication on the web site so that it can be downloaded by interested parties? Thank you Gary. Bless you for investing into God’s Kingdom building work through FGBA Perth South Gate. Rob.Eacott

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