The Happiest People on Earth

By Demos Shakarian: 

This awesome and truly sensational book is written , founder of FGBAWA.

It can be bought from our National Book Store by clicking on the pictures. It can also be ordered through FGBAWA Perth South Gate or bought at any of our events. {Paperback}

The Awakening Giant The Awakening Giant

By Val Fotherby: This is the sequel to the Happiest People On Earth book.

This book is recommended for all FGBA members as it gives a great history of the FGBA organisation around the world.

The Vision Intensified

 A New Wave of Revival (The Vision Intensified)

By Demos Shakarian:

dare-you I Dare You God 

By Michael Hicks: This book is a powerful testimony of Michael Hicks’s life on becoming a Christian. It is filled with uplifting stories which give glory to Jesus Christ. Michael Hicks is a long standing member of the Central Gippsland FGBA Chapter in Victoria. This book is highly recommended as an evangelistic tool to encourage one in their faith in Jesus Christ.


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