Short History of FGBA


In August 2012 the National President of FGBMFI Australia Bill Sgro, National Vice President Rod Winter, and National Board Member Dinko Miocevich were invited to attend the Full Gospel Business Fellowship Asian Council. At this meeting Bill heard for the first time about Making Disciples in the Marketplace Seminars that were being held in Singapore, and Bill was invited to attend the next seminar in November 2012.

When Bill returned home from the Asian Council Meeting he sent an email to all FGBMFI members in Australia inviting them to join him in attending this Making Disciples in the Market Place Seminar in Singapore. Three people joined Bill and attended the seminar. All four men caught the vision that was presented at this seminar, and believed that God was calling FGBMFI Australia to implement this vision in Australia.

More FGBMFI Australia members attended future seminars in 2013, with 20 members from around Australia attending the seminar in August 2013. It was clear that this was what God was calling FGBMFI Australia to do.

During 2013 The FGBMFI Australia National Board proposed to create a new trading name for the organisation called Full Gospel Business Australia (FGBA). This proposal, along with a number of other changes to the structure of FGBMFI Australia, was put to a vote by all members across FGBMFI Australia. The vote was carried with a clear majority, and the new trading name Full Gospel Business Australia was created.


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